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In this point and click puzzle game, you, an adventurous Cosmonaut, land on an unexplored planet: Cosmodge. With earth-like temperatures and water stores deep beneath its surface, the planet Cosmodge ecosystem is perfect for sustaining life; diverse flora (and perhaps even fauna) all cooperating in symbiotic balance. And there's even more to it than meets the eye. It will take a skilled Cosmonaut to learn what becoming a part of planet Cosmodge is all about.


0 key: Resize game window in increments
Arrow Keys: Pick Cosmonaut
: Point and Click
Space: Continue, or bring up instruction blueprints
Other: You have four actions you can perform – DROP, PICK UP, USE, INSPECT – feel free to try them out on as many things as you can (interactable items will light up once you’ve selected an action). No seriously, please do. We wrote descriptions for all of them.

Using just these actions, and maybe some more that you pick up along the way, your mission is to colonise the plentiful planet Cosmodge and claim it for humanity.


Made in GameMaker Studio 2 by






We thought it may be useful to include some answers to some of the more difficult puzzles in the game in case anybody got stuck.

Getting started: First off, if you’re having trouble getting started, here’s a hint: you’ll need to lift the ship up, but it’s way too heavy to lift on your own. You’ll need something sturdy to USE as leverage, and maybe a piece of debris as an anchor point.

To the left, there are two trees and a hole you cannot pass. Use the alien friend with the left tree and spin4 times, click jump to move to the adjacent tree, and spin alien friend in right tree 6 times to make the platform level with the ground.

Further left, there is a large tree. Spin in this tree once. This will lower the branch of the tree on the right (past the geyser, which you must place your alien friend in to pass), so that your alien friend can now jump and reach it. Spinning on the large tree on the right will lower the left tree's branch, allowing reach of scrap metal.

The solar panel is in the far right room, where alien friend can jump on it to dislodge it from the cliff. The cord is in the far left room, which you can get from the tree by spinning in it. 

Once all of the pieces have been gathered, install them in the ship. You will not be able to install the solar panel until you have entered the ship (use door, once the ladder is installed) and open the hatch, magnifying the light. Once everything is installed, this will trigger an event.

Your alien friend becomes angry that you have drained the planet of water. You must feed it the broken pieces of your equipment, as if to promise you won't do it again. Then, now that your ship has essentially become part of the planet, solve the final big puzzle together with your alien friend to get your ship up and running.

This final puzzle has two end points (top left and top right). Use alien friend on the launch to navigate through the directional florets. You can change the direction of the florets with the controls. Once you've switched on the water and electricity again, your alien friend leads you to make the finishing touch. Pick up the flag and place it in the soil (now with a picture of your alien friend on it).

Congratulations, you've finished the game!

Install instructions

Unzip zip & run :)


PlanetCosmodge_windows.zip 8 MB

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